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Traffic Signs Hacked At Construction Site In Dallas

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM)The construction site on I-30 and Cockrell Hill in Dallas has been targeted by digital sign hackers.

For the second day in a row someone or some people have broken into the programming boxes of several display boards and changed the message.

The latest hit was sometime Monday into Tuesday morning.

Two of the signs were charged with political messages. One of them said "Trump is a shape shifting lizard", another one supported Bernie Sanders campaign saying "Bernie for president".

Now the man who has had to fix the signs every time they were hit says he has had enough of it.

Michael Zanella, the project manager for the construction said "Somebody can do it in about 5 or 10 minutes if they know what they are doing."

He said he the first time the pranksters hit on Sunday he had to be called out of Church to come and fix the sign.

That sign had been changed to read, "Party Hardy Ya'll".

When asked if he had taken this personal, Zanella replied "I do. For one this happened when I was in Church so it disrupted my Sunday morning. Having to come out here and fix the message boards to display the proper message."

TX Dot officials are warning that the pranbks are no laughing matter, because the punishment for whoever is doing this is very serious.

TX DOT spokesman Ryan LaFontaine said, "this is actually a 3rd degree felony so it's a pretty big deal. We're talking prison time."


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