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Tornado-Battered Richardson Neighborhood Donates Treats To Try To Make Halloween Sweet

RICHARDSON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Residents in a tornado-raved neighborhood in Richardson handed out candy and held activities for children at the parking lot of nearby Richland Elementary School on Thursday.

Neighbors said they realized the traditional trick-or-treating wouldn't work in the Richland Park area because storm debris still lines many streets and is piled on top of sidewalks.

One of the organizers, Barry Propes said, "The trees as you can see lining the neighborhood, it's a mess. It's a danger to some of the children."

Erin Cmerek, who lives in the neighborhood with her husband and four young children said, "That was one of my first thoughts as a mom was oh my gosh Halloween is coming, how are they going to trick-or-treat?"

Cmerek family
Cmerek family of Richardson on Halloween after tornado. (Jack Fink - CBS 11)

Propes said neighbors have been donating the sweet treats all week. "This neighborhood is so resilient and loving and they show their kindness and compassion to each other."

Cmerek said, "I think it's amazing the way this community has rallied since the storm and come together. It's been something really awesome."

Her husband Lyle agreed. "I love the unity. I love that we've all come together."

The Cmereks said when the tornado blew over their house, it threw shrapnel into it, shattered windows and their skylight, and knocked a tree onto one of their cars.

But after it left, Mrs. Cmerek said the first thing they and their neighbors did was to check on each other. "We've had a lot of chances to just be connected which doesn't really happen as much now as it used to and it's been a really great opportunity for that.."

They believe the tornado has brought the neighborhood even closer together and they wonder if this event will become a new tradition.

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