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Through The Lens: Goodwill Employee Celebrated

So how did you celebrate leap day today? Some people celebrate a birthday that they only get once every four years and some women ask men to marry them. In today's Through the Lens I went to the Goodwill of Fort Worth to meet Jerry Gregory who has his own reason for celebrating this day.

Jerry started on February 29, 1960 and so today on leap day they celebrated. Most people celebrate 50 years on a job but Jerry had to wait two more years for leap day to show up again. He is the longest working employee of Goodwill in Fort Worth.

Jerry's coworkers told me he is a very dedicated and hard working man. Several years ago when the bus drivers went on strike Jerry walked 3 1/2 hours to work. His boss was shocked to see him and made arraignments to have him driven to and from work until the buses started running again. His supervisor told me she has to remind him he has vacation days. He never wants to miss a day at work and hasn't missed many in his past 52 years.

Jerry will celebrate his 78th birthday March 10th. I asked him how long he was going to keep working at Goodwill and his only answer was "I don't know!"

Congratulations Jerry! I hope some day I get to celebrate 50 years of working at one place. I only have 43 years to go!

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