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The Legend Of The Fuel City Zebra

By Chris Arnold | @MrChrisArnold

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) -- I'm not exactly sure when it began, but one day during the Gbag Nation's "popular local broadcast", I mentioned that Fuel City, the popular local downtown Dallas gas station, had a zebra on the property.

For some reason Gbag Nationals, Fans of the Ben & Skin show, and the Ben & Skin crew (particularly Brendan) became very fascinated. KT even went out on a fact finding mission to see if the zebra existed there. (It does).

I became familiar with the Fuel City zebra a few years ago when I gassed up and bought some of their legendary tacos and a cup of corn. The Fuel City tacos have been named the best tacos in Dallas & in Texas by numerous outlets that know these things, and I happen to agree.

They are exceptional. Welp, I decided to enjoy my taco while looking over the fence in the backyard at some of the animals they have on the property. They have longhorn cattle, a horse, a mule, and a donkey.

They used to have a rare buffalo, but they had to give it back. Native Americans said it was sacred, so it had to go back home.

Then lo & behold, I spotted the zebra. One of the coolest animals on the planet was there in downtown Dallas, hanging out by the car wash! He winked at me & I nodded back. I did not offer a taco or the corn because at Fuel City, you cannot feed the animals. They have their own "fuel".

After the Ben & Skin boys got a hold of the zebra story, it took on a life of its own. Lots of people started coming by Fuel City looking for him. Many people believed it wasn't true. I was shocked. Why would it not be true? Who could make up something like that? LOL.

That's when I decided I would have to prove to the doubters that there really was a Fuel City zebra and it wasn't just a conspiracy, like what went on up the road at the grassy knoll. I ain't crazy & the zebra wasn't an Oliver Stone fantasy!

So I decided to take my kids to Fuel City for a fill up & car wash and to take a look at the zebra! To my surprise, and utter amazement, when I looked over the fence for the zebra.... I saw....not one, but TWO zebras!!!

Now I have video proof (above)!

And the one zebra I know, (we're long time friends now) actually came over to say hi to the kids! I promise you this film has not been edited or photo shopped. This is the zebra's head on its own body.

There is no magic bullet theory here folks! No question this is the "Zapruder film" of zebras. It is proof, without a doubt, that Fuel City does have a zebra and there's more than one!

Enjoy and decide for yourselves. Tape don't lie. Watch it in slow motion if you can handle it. LOL.

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