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Texas Student Writes Book About Torturing & Killing Classmates

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FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - A North Texas middle school is addressing some very concerned parents, after a student created a very detailed, very graphic story about torturing classmates.

Parents at Tidwell Middle School protested as students returned to class from spring break.

The boy who wrote the book was not in school Monday and his father would not say if his son would be back Tuesday.

CBS 11 News learned the 8th grader who wrote the book is 13-years-old.

The boy's mother posted on Facebook that she and her husband do not condone the topic of the book, but says her son's writings are an outlet because he is a victim of bullying.

Normally parents at Tidwell M.S. are on campus to drop off their children for school. On Monday many of them kept their children home.

The parents expressed concern about the words written by a student in a book titled "Killing Children."

"His main weapon of choice is scissors," says Stephanie Lee, the mother of one of the students killed in the book, which is titled "Killing Children."

"He describes graphically how he inserts the scissors, pulls them down her chest, all you can do is try to hold in the scream, but you can't, " says Lee, describing the portion of the book in which she believes her daughter is killed. "He talks about literally ripping body parts off of the kids. It's very graphic."

Jennifer Taylor says her son is also one of the children killed in the book. She described the horrific details from the book to CBS 11.

"He stabbed him with scissors multiple times, cut him across the face, cut his tongue out and tried to feed it to another child," she said.

Shawnteel Blodgett said she doesn't want her daughter to read what's written about her. "Hers was a killing at the 7-Eleven with the Slurpee machine and about drinking her blood. It's very graphic," she said. "I haven't been able to eat or sleep, nor has my daughter. She's very upset about that."

The parents are demanding that the student who wrote the book be removed from Tidwell Middle School.

"I think first and foremost, one of the most important things is to get the kid help," said Racel Bubela.

The Northwest Independent School District said it notified the parents of the children involved. It released a statement which says:

"The concerned parents are asking the district to do something that we legally cannot do. This is a police matter and is currently under investigation by law-enforcement. To our knowledge, an arrest has not been made."

Still, parents said they feel action needs to be taken to make them feel more comfortable.

"We have a real issue with a child that threatens the lives of students -- not out loud but written. And that's as much an actual threat as an action," said Jodi Wilson.

CBS 11 spoke to the teen authors' father one-on-one Monday. The man did not want to go on camera, but said his son has been bullied on the school bus and on campus. He said the experiences at Tidwell M.S. have been "very hurtful" for his son.

After learning the young author may have been antagonized regularly, parent Stephanie Lee said, "Something had to trigger him to write something like this. We want all the kids to feel safe. We would like him to get help: whether it's dealing with the bullying that he has, then that too."

School officials say the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office is spearheading the investigation.

But Northwest Independent School District Superintendent Karen Rue said one thing isn't clear. "I think what's important for us is the question at hand - Does it fall under protected free speech or does it rise to the level of a criminal offense?" Rue said the answer to that question would be decided by law enforcement.

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