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Texas Parents Going Through The Back-To-School 'Drills'

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - In just three short weeks North Texas schools will be back in session. That means most parents are busy updating vaccination records and doing the 'get ready drill.'

Education specialist Dr. Michele Borba says now is also a good time to get your kids back on a schedule, and ready to do their schoolwork correctly and on time.

Borba recommends that parents be familiar with their child's progress, or lack there of and take that information with them to the first-of-school teacher conferences. She says if the child is still having issues after a few weeks of class; it might be time for a tutor.

"Tutors do not have to be pricey," Borba insisted. "One of the best tutors you can get is [by] going to the counseling department of a local high school and hiring a child who's a high school student, to have a relationship with your child in that subject."

Borba says when it comes to learning parents should also be aware of what she calls the "struggle factor," and that is determining if your child's problem is getting in the way of his/her happiness and ability to function in life.

"Make sure that you go to that back-to-school session with the teacher and find out 'how long do you expect my child to be able to do each part of the homework,'" Borba recommended. "That will gauge whether or not he's capable or not. If you see your child doing the 'struggle factor' immediately set up a parent conference."

Borba says it's also a good idea to visit the school with your child, about a week before classes.

A lot of parents are preparing for the Tax Free Shopping holiday coming up this weekend. According to Borba, one way to get a child excited about the start of classes is to let them pick out one "special" school supply item.

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