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Texas Motor Speedway's Record-Long Race Delay Finally Ends

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - The longest race delay in the history of Texas Motor Speedway, wasn't long enough to completely convince NASCAR fans to head home.

Ahead of the restart Wednesday of the fall playoff race at the track, a few lonely trailers and RV's, were still in parking lots around the track.

While local fans headed home Sunday when a heavy mist stopped the race, and out of town fans headed home Monday, to get back to work, some fans wanted to see it through.

"If you like NASCAR, you'll do it," said Trent Chatterton, who was taking his dog out for a walk in the rain Wednesday morning.

Texas Motor Speedway
Texas Motor Speedway (CBS 11)

The retired business owner from El Paso said he and his wife never considered leaving, even through three days of rain, wind and cold.

"I have my extra warm clothes tucked away in the RV," he said. "Run over to Buc-ee's get food, have plenty of restaurants to eat in, so kind of made it convenient."

Sonia and Danny Heinz were a few spots over in the same lot.

"I told him if he needed to go to work, that he couldn't take the truck, just get a bus and go home," she said laughing.

Home is near Houston, but their home for three days had been their trailer, which they admitted was starting to feel a little small.

"Oh my god driving each other crazy," Sonia said. "Oh I can't even tell you the things…"

They were rewarded with a restart though Wednesday afternoon, and were some of the few who could say they were from start to finish for the longest race the track has ever had.


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