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911 Call After Little Girls Found Dead: "My Wife Just Shot Her Kids"

HENDERSON COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) - Two little girls were fatally shot on Thursday and investigators say the person who pulled the trigger was their mother and that she had planned the murders for weeks.

Sarah Nicole Henderson was arraigned late Friday morning in Henderson County. The judge set her bond at $2 million on a Capital Murder charge.

The five and seven-year-old girls were found shot to death inside their home near Mabank on Thursday. Henderson remains behind bars and on suicide watch.

Sarah Nicole Henderson
(credit: Henderson County Sheriff's Office)

Deputies from the Henderson County Sheriff's Office were initially sent to the family's home, near Payne Springs, after receiving a call from Sarah's husband, Jacob Henderson. He told the dispatcher, "My wife she's like, I don't know. Something's going on with her. Like, she's freaking out like somebody's out get her."

A few minutes later he called back and said he wanted to cancel the call for help and that "she's fine now."

Despite the second call Sheriff's deputies continued on to the house. When they arrived both Sarah and Jacob Henderson said everyone and everything was fine and no one needed help.

Three hours later there was a 911 call from the same house. Jacob Henderson crying uncontrollably and told the dispatcher, "My wife, my wife just shot her kids." In the background of the call a woman can be heard saying, "What did I do?"

Jacob Henderson said he was asleep when the shootings happened and that their bodies were in the living room. The female voice in the background can be heard saying, "God forgive me please. Why did I do that babe? What did I do God?"

Some may find the audio in the following recording disturbing. Listener discretion is advised.

Jacob Henderson said his wife was no trying to hurt herself. "She's trying to commit suicide now, she's trying to choke herself." Later on one of the 911 calls begs him to shoot her.

Henderson County Sheriff Botie Hillhouse said, "She actually did try to shoot her husband also, [but] the pistol misfired or there was some kind of malfunction with the pistol. He took the pistol from her and then notified law enforcement."

Officials with the Sheriff's Office said Sarah Henderson confessed to killing her two young daughters and hasn't shown any remorse since her arrest.

The murders have left family, friends and neighbors in shock. While everyone is having a hard time making sense of what happened, they all agree that the two little girls lost, Kaylee and Kenlie, were precious.

Sarah Nicole Henderson's daughters KayLee and Kenlie
Sarah Nicole Henderson's daughters KayLee and Kenlie (Kayce Jean Douthit)

Mabank resident Bridget Golds said, "There's no reason for this, none at all. How could someone do this to them?"

Dr. Russell Marshall, the superintendent of the Mabank Independent School District, issued a statement that said -

"Today our hearts are breaking as this morning we received news that two Southside students were killed in their home. Counselors are at Southside today to provide comfort for our students and employees. They will also be available to help in any way needed for parents. Please bathe the Southside campus with your thoughts and prayers at this trying time."


Officials with Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) confirm that there had been contact with the family in 2011, but the details of the matter are confidential.

The Texas Rangers are assisting the Henderson County Sheriff's Office with the investigation.

Sarah Henderson, 29, is being held in the Henderson County Jail.

Henderson County is about 50 miles southeast of Dallas.

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