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Texas Hunter Kills 7-Foot-Long Wild Boar Weighing 363 Pounds

STEPHENVILLE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - It took three bullets from a 23-year-old hunter's rifle to kill a seven foot, 363 pound boar near Morgan Mill, Texas last May.

Tyler Mitchell of Stephenville (courtesy: Tyler Mitchell)

"It wasn't until I actually walked up to him that I realized how large he was. I then called a friend to come help me load it," recalled Tyler Mitchell of Stephenville.

An avid hunter since the age of six, Mitchell said he spotted the boar with the Flir thermal scope on his 6.5 Grendel AR-15 rifle cruising the edge of a field.

"I would presume he was looking for sows to breed. I made a short stalk and got to within roughly 80-100 yards before shooting three times before the boar fell."

Mitchell hunts multiple properties in the area to help "landowners remove feral hogs due to the amount of damage they do to the ecosystem."

Thus, this is far from Mitchell's first large boar to kill, in fact he said he has shot others weighing in at 300 pounds, but this one was by far his biggest. And while many may assume a kill like this would mean bacon for days, Mitchell said, "A large boar like him is almost inedible due to how tough they are."

Mitchell dumped the beast, leaving a feast for coyotes and circling buzzards above in the Texas night sky.



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