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Texas Grandmother Fights Back After Teens Storm Into Her Home

UPDATE: The DeSoto Police Department said on Thursday afternoon, "All three suspects have been identified and charges are being filed for the offense."

DeSOTO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Married for more than 50 years, Christina Nichols says her fight instincts took over when she saw her husband being held at gun point.

The teens holding her hostage had forced their way into her house seconds before when Nichols answered a knock on the door.

Christina Nichols
Christina Nichols - DeSoto grandmother who fought back against intruders (CBS11)

"That's why I opened the door because all I saw was a young boy standing there," said Nichols. "Who expects something like this from a young kids. I didn't even see the other two. They must have been hiding somewhere out of sight."

These still images from her surveillance video shows three young teens...this one possibly 14, forcing their way into her DeSoto house Tuesday.

"And the other kid grabbed me from behind like on my chin and the other hand went over my mouth," she said.

Nichols says she wasn't prepared to live without her husband, so she fought back, stomping on the boy who held her and bending his thumbs back.

"He dragged me out into this hallway and then he gave me a big shove and I went down."

Nichols, in her 70s, called for help from her grandson who was in another room.

The teens ran out of the house before her grandson could get to them.

Nichols has some scrapes and bruises and nothing from her home was stolen.

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