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Texas GOP Chair Allen West Focused On Rule Of Law For President Trump Second Term

(CBSDFW.COM) - Texas GOP Chair and retired Lt. Col. Allen West hit on a theme President Donald Trump and other Republicans have voiced recently: restoring law and order in cities experiencing violent protests and rising violent crime.

"Well, I think the most important thing Texas Republicans need to understand is a clear choice. And not just Texas Republicans, but all Texans, you stand for and with a rule of law, or are you going to become part of the rule of the mob?" he said.

West said the increase in crime is leading many people to buy guns and take concealed carry license classes.

He said he believes the people doing so will vote for the president.

West criticized Democrats for not speaking out against the violence.

Democrats denounced the president's response to the pandemic, saying it's hurt families and the economy.

On Tuesday, the Texas Democratic Party touted a new poll of registered voters in Texas by Public Policy Polling which gives Democratic nominee Joe Biden a one point lead over Trump.

But the president still has a small lead in the Real Clear Politics average of polls in Texas.

Republicans have discounted the polls but said they've told the president's supporters they can't sit on the sidelines in November and that they must vote.


West said the state's future depends on it. "I just want folks here in the great state of Texas to think about this when you are looking at the Biden Harris team that has embraced the green New Deal, that means that they want the oil and gas industry that without a doubt is preeminent for the Texas economy made us the 10th largest economy in the world. They want that gone in the next 10 to 12 years."

The Biden-Harris campaign says it wants a zero emissions policy implemented by 2050.

West said that will hurt the Texas and the nation's economy.

He also said President Trump's record on national security, and job growth and a booming economy before the pandemic began, have earned him a second term. "Think about where our economy was think about where our unemployment was. Think about our energy security. Think about our national security. We don't wake up and read headlines about ISIS. We don't hear too much about Iran or threats coming from Iran.".

Brian Bledsoe, a delegate to the Republican National Convention from Tarrant County, said he wants the president to continue with his vast record of appointing conservative federal judges. "That is a lasting legacy for any president, and they have so many that were confirmed and as well as you know, two Supreme Court justices. I think that's what really helps the country as a whole."

During the second night of the Republican National Convention, First Lady Melania Trump will be one of the headliners speaking for her husband.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will address the convention in a personal capacity from Jerusalem.

Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro of Texas is calling for an investigation because prior secretaries of state have avoided appearing at political conventions.

McClatchy newspapers, which owns the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, reported that four teams of attorneys gave the green light to Pompeo's personal speech.

Full interview with Texas GOP Chair Allen West:

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