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Texas Deputies Discover Crooks With A Stolen Meat Mother Lode From Kroger

MONTGOMERY COUNTY (CBSDW.COM) - Some thieves in Texas may have been trying to prepare for a holiday feast... the hard way!

Officials came across a meat mother load in what began with a traffic stop for littering.

It happened over the weekend when deputy constables in Montgomery County, just north of the Houston area, pulled over a driver after seeing someone throw an aluminum can out a window.

The driver of the car was still being cited for "messing with Texas" when workers at a nearby Kroger store reported a theft. Employees had taken down the license plate of the vehicle that fled from the store with more than $1,000 worth of meat.

It turns out that plate was the same as the one being driven by the alleged litterbug.

After getting consent to search the vehicle, a Sergeant found pounds and pounds of meat -- including a roast in the glovebox and a t-bone steak under the driver's seat -- pork, shrimp, Glade air fresheners other items from the Kroger.

There was also meat, in containers, in the backseat and trunk.

The 52-year-old passenger in the vehicle was arrested for felony theft, a charge elevated because the man had a previous theft convictions.

Officials say a warrant will also be issued for the driver, but that person was allowed to leave the scene because of "medical issues that needed to be addressed."

The $1,188 worth of meat and goods was returned to Kroger.

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