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North Texas Congressional Candidate Susan Wright Calls FBI After Robocall Suggests She 'Murdered' Husband

ARLINGTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Texas Republican congressional candidate Susan Wright is seeking help from federal law enforcement the day before her special election, after some supporters said they received robocalls accusing her of being responsible for the death of her late husband, Rep. Ron Wright, Politico reported on Friday, April 30.

Ron Wright, who had been battling lung cancer since 2020 and recently contracted COVID-19, died Sunday, February 8.

Ron and Susan Wright
Ron and Susan Wright

Wright's campaign reached out to the FBI and the Department of Justice on Friday after becoming aware of the robocalls.

Wright is running in the special election, along with 22 other candidates, to succeed Wright.

Wright aides say they found out about the robocalls on Friday morning, a day before Saturday's primary.

"This is illegal, immoral, and wrong," said Susan Wright in a statement. "There's not a sewer too deep that some politicians won't plumb. Imagine it: someone is attacking my late husband, the love of my life, a man who gave me such joy in life. I will not let darkness rule. I live by the light of Christ and his truth will sustain me - as it sustained me when I lost my husband."

Matt Langston, Partner at Big Dog Strategies and Wright's General Consultant, released the following statement:

When we heard reports of this criminal smear of a robocall attacking Susan, we immediately referred the matter to law enforcement and started cooperating with authorities. Susan's opponents are desperate and resorting to disgusting gutter politics because they know she's the frontrunner. I'm looking forward to someone going to jail over these robocalls, but that's a Sunday problem. On Saturday, we win.

The Republican Part of Texas released the following statement:

Today's abhorrent attack on Susan Wright and her family is just one more reason why people in America today are turned off by politics. The Republican Party of Texas condemns this in the strongest possible way. We are praying for Susan and her family, and that the people responsible for this attack are brought to justice.

The TXGOP will never tolerate behavior like this and stands diametrically opposed to the spread of slanderous fake news. All parties responsible for this action must be found and face the consequences of these actions.

The best way for voters to counter this underhanded political attack is to vote for Mrs. Wright in this upcoming election. Do not let the liars and hucksters responsible for this act earn any victory.

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