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Texans Have Some Of The Worst Driving Habits Near Schools

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM/CBS NEWS) - Children are especially at risk of distracted drivers near their schools and a new study found some of the most dangerous driving in the country happening around Texas campuses.

The study by Zendrive measured the phone use and aggressive driving of some four million drivers around 75,000 U.S. schools. The study found some of the most dangerous streets in the country for distracted driving are around schools in Texas. In fact, when looking at the five worst schools in the country Texas campuses hold three of the slots.

Trinity Downtown Lutheran Church and School in Houston has the worst drivers and holds the number one spot. But the Pegasus School of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Covenant Charter School, both in Dallas, are right behind, respectively holding the number three and five spots on the worst list.

The study showed that roughly 88-percent of Americans use their phones while driving. In general, the more urban the county, the riskier the school roads.

Roughly one in every 11 public schools in the U.S. is within 500 feet of a roadway with heavy traffic.

According to Zendrive, afternoon pick-up is far more dangerous than morning drop-off. CEO Jonathan Matus said the afternoon hours between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. are about 40-percent more dangerous -- likely because of heavier work traffic.

In addition to pinpointing areas near schools with the most dangerous driving, distracted phone use, aggressive acceleration and hard braking, the Zendrive study also has safety "snapshots" ranking schools by county and giving them a grade from A to F.

The results show more than three-dozen schools in Dallas County with an F grade and more than two-dozen in Collin and Tarrant County.

Click here to find out how driving around your school ranks in your county.

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