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Some Tenants Say Conditions At Dallas' Highland Hills Apartments Still Unlivable Following Explosion

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The same week Dallas Police made an arrest Highland Hills Apartments explosion, tenants said they were told they could move back into their units.

However, some said after last month's explosion, conditions are now unlivable.

For Kayla Aguilar and her sister, first it was the explosion.

They said their windows were broken and then while staying in hotel, their place was ransacked and their valuables were stolen.

Now, they don't feel safe in their own home. They're worried for their two daughters, both under the age of two.

"I don't like it,"Aguilar said. " I don't like it."

"It makes me extremely anxious," her sister, Carmen Wickens said. "I've already reached out to my best friend in Killeen and said if anything happens to us then she needs to come get my daughter."

The women said they've reported these issues to apartment management multiple times and so far have not gotten a response.

"None," Aguilar said. "The only people that offered to help are the City of Dallas and Not My Son."

Although it's not the City of Dallas' responsibility, it had paid for them to temporarily stay in hotel rooms up until last week.

Highland Hills Apartments
Highland Hills Apartments (CBS 11)

Now, they're hoping apartment complex management will fix their issues and also provide a better security. They're also seeking legal help.

Roshunda Tilley, who lives nearby, said she is also dealing with broken windows.

"Everywhere I look in my apartment there's holes everywhere," she said.

She says this has invited rats.

"There's rat poop everywhere in my room, all in my bed, my covers are stinky, urine and everything," she said.

"It makes us feel very undervalued," Wickens said.

"Just because we can't afford to go to nicer places doesn't mean we don't deserve good treatment. $1,000 a month, you could do a little bit better than what you're giving us."

CBS 11 reached out to apartment management Monday afternoon to hear their side, but there has been no response yet.

Dallas City Code Enforcement said three buildings at complex are unsafe to live in and will need to be repaired.

Those repairs could take 30 to 60 days.

Around 23 residents are impacted.

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