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Teach For America Aims To Inform Children About Elections

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Election-related information is coming from all directions and for kids it can be hard to understand what it all means.

Teach For America hosted a free, virtual family workshop Thursday, Nov. 12 to try to help.

"I think it's very important just to create that frequency of this is, what the process looks like," said Angela Enciso, Teach for America DFW's Director of People Experience. "I have nieces and nephews who are at the age where they're asking questions. They really wanted to know 'what does this mean'? I think the big conversation we've been having is 'what is the impact of local elections'?"

At the workshop, children got a better understand of what an election is, where we are currently in the election process and how elections impact communities.

"Elections are really about voting, and voting is one of the most fundamental rights and privileges of the form of government that we live in," Robert Carreon with TFA told the families who took part in the webinar.

Kids couldn't ask questions via video for safety reasons but still got the chance to write them in.

"Our next question is actually from Eric," said Enciso. "He's a second grader here in Dallas. And this question is, how do you get selected to run for president?"

It was clear kids of all ages are picking up on the national conversation right now.

"This question is from Emily," she said. "She's a fifth grader from Dallas, and she asked, what does concede mean and what happens if President Trump does not concede?"

Teach for America hopes by teaching children how elections work, they'll have confidence in our democracy.

"It still deeply matters that you continue to have faith and trust in the election process," Carreon said.

Even though they may not be old enough to vote, they can still make a difference.

"I hope the number one takeaway is that our students know their voice matters," Enciso said.

Erin Jones contributed to this report.




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