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Parents To Cop Photographed Comforting Child: 'Please Don't Let My Babies Die'

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A photo of a Dallas police officer comforting a 3-month-old boy at a car crash scene is making the rounds on social media Tuesday.

Senior Corporal Dominique Erwin tweeted out the image, saying it was from a traffic accident Saturday night.

The officer depicted, Sergeant Donald Boice, gazes lovingly down at the baby boy, smiling and holding him firmly as if to say -- everything is alright.

It's a calm image from what was actually a very "chaotic" scene, according to Boice.

"Both parents were screaming 'please don't let my babies die,' " when he arrived.

The little boy, two of his siblings and both parents were in the vehicle when it overturned.

His father suffered a fractured arm. The boy's mother also needed treatment, which is where Boice stepped in.

"The hardest part of it was convincing the mother that her children were going to be ok… and to please 'let me hold your baby, while you get treatment'," said Boice.

A father himself, Boice quick went into parent mode, singing songs he sang to his own children when they were babies.

"You go from cop to parent real quick."

Holding the child within eyesight of his mother from the back of the ambulance, Boice said his mission was to distract from the chaos.

When asked about the positive social media response the image has received, Boice said, "It's great to let people know that we're humans too. Most of us have kids, and we don't forget... We aren't just there to put people in jail, we are there to help people," said Boice.

Officer Boice stressed that all three children survived because they were still strapped into their carseats after the violent rollover crash.



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