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Study Says Gridlock Leading To End Of Wedlock

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Are you being driven to divorce? Lots of North Texans face long commutes to work. And a new study shows the length of your commute can affect the length of your marriage. It's gridlock versus wedlock.

The Swedes who've studied it say it's true.  A local divorce attorney, Michelle O'Neil, agrees.  "I have heard complaints in marriages that the long commute causes them to be away or I wish he was home more taking care of the house and kids more so I can have a break.

In fact, the Swedes claim, there is a 40-percent chance a marriage could derail in the first five years if the commute takes 45 minutes or more.

"That could definitely be another stress point on a new marriage that could cause a breakdown," O'Neil said.

The study also says divorce could escalate when the commute disappears.

Some North Texas commuters don't agree with any of the findings.  April Cook said, "I think it depends on the marriage! I don't think it's necessarily the commute. It has to depend on the marriage."

Josh Graham said, "It sort of takes patience on both sides of things."  Tisha Davis started taking the DART rail recently. She talks to her husband on the way home.  "I talk to him on that long commute just to help," Davis said.

It's at least one way to keep a marriage on the right track.

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