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Still No Arrest For Man Accused Of Killing His Neighbor, Family Wants Answers

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - Questions remain for the family of a man who was killed by his neighbor in front of his 5-year-old grandson.

Kevin Battle, 57,  died from a gunshot wound to the face and the back of the head. Police have yet to arrest the man who shot him -- a man Battle shared a front porch with at their east side duplex.

"So as I'm walking toward the door, I hear like a gunshot. And then I'm close enough to where I can see the second gun shot where my dad was shot in the back of the head. And like I say... I didn't hear any tussle or altercation between them," described Battle's son, Kevin.

Kevin Battle's family is grieving his death. They say his neighbor killed him after a dispute about loud music. (credit: CBS 11 News)

Since Battle's death, his story has garnered copious amounts of attention on social media. Youtube videos, Facebook and Twitter posts, are asking why police have yet to arrest Battle's neighbor.

The two men fought just days before the fatal shooting, in part due to a racist slur Battle's family said the neighbor used. They also said investigators told them the neighbor has claimed self defense for the shooting, and that the case would likely end up in front of a grand jury.

Police said they're still investigating.


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