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Springtime In Texas Means Snake Season Has Arrived, Protect Yourself

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - In the United States, more than 15,000 animals are bitten by venomous snakes each year. Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control says there are a few ways to get ahead of this problem.

"Make sure all of the gaps and cracks around the house are sealed up— around the yard," said Randall Kennedy, owner of the nuisance wildlife removal and pest control company. "You know, if you've got a big void under rocks, things like that, make sure everything is filled in. If you're in a very 'snakey' area, I recommend walking the years before turning your pets out."

Kennedy— who wrangles snakes for a living— says they like to hide in bushes, shrubs and overgrown areas. But there's no 'safe zone' from snakes in Texas.

"We've removed rattlesnakes from downtown Dallas, downtown Arlington, downtown Fort Worth," said Kennedy. "These snakes are all around the Metroplex."

To protect yourself and animal, everyone is encouraged to get rid of snake habitats as soon as possible. Dr. Bob Murtugh, a veterinarian in Austin said snakes bites can cause a serious injury.

"The first thing you'll notice is a significant amount of pain and swelling in the limb or face," Dr. Murtugh said. "The problem with venomous snake bites is they can progress to a systemic reaction that results in collapse of the heart and circulation resulting in shock and potentially death in the pet."

Fortunately, most veterinarians offer the rattlesnake vaccine. This softens the effects of the bite and increases your pets life expectancy. If you happen to see a snake, you're encouraged to move in another direction.

"Walk away if you're in a public park or something. If you're in your yard, call wildlife control. Get a specialist to actually remove the animal from your property," said Kennedy.

If you are bit by a snake, go to a hospital or veterinarian clinic immediately. Also, avoid sucking the venom from a wound as it could be deadly.

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