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Some Say Billboard Is "Advertising Prostitution"

Sugar Baby billboard
(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

ROYSE CITY (CBSDFW.COM) - The new billboard on Interstate-30 near Greenville is anything but subtle.

Business owner David Ross said, "The first thing that caught my eye was the blond."

The sign urges women to get out of prostitution and be a sugar baby, instead.

"I started reading it," Ross said laughing. "It's just like my reaction right now… you know, it's surprising."

Despite chuckling while talking about it, Ross doesn't think the sign is appropriate. "It just seems like an online pimping service on a billboard."

The billboard is advertising the website, a site that offers a selection of men who are willing to pay for relationships. Profiles posted for the men even include their income levels.

Elissa, a company spokesperson identified by only her first name, said, "Dallas is one of the sugar daddy hubs in the U.S.  We've been working for over a year to get into the market."

A company spokesperson said it already has 30,000 members in the Dallas area and hopes to double that number.

Similar billboards have popped up across the country - targeting students and advocating adultery.

"It's advertising prostitution," Ross said firmly. He and other critics told CBS 11 News they don't see a difference between Sugar Babies and prostitutes.

The company insists there are distinct differences. "We feel like prostitution is generally like a one-time transaction, where you meet the John, do the deed, and then that's it," explained Elissa. "This is actually for more long-term relationships."

And like it or not, the billboard is scheduled to stay up for the next four weeks.

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