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Social Media Outrage Over Cost Of Flights Out Of Florida

(CBSDFW.COM) - People across the country are outraged with the cost to grab a flight out of South Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma.

Airline tickets that normally cost around $300 are more than a $1,000 as demand peaks, with people looking for last-minute seats to avoid traffic jams and get out of Dodge. As you might expect, people turned to social media to express their frustration.

Leigh Dow tweeted a Delta alert showing a price change from just under $550 to more than $3,200. She was trying to fly from Miami to Phoenix. She said she contacted Delta, and it fixed the pricing error.

John Lyons said he booked a flight for his daughter to fly home from Miami to Connecticut on American Airlines for $160. He tried to book a seat on the same flight for her friend after the hurricane warnings went into effect — it was going to cost more than $1,000.

And Emily Toalson said she booked a flight to get out of Florida yesterday — an hour later prices doubled — and by the end of the day, it was sold out.

Yahoo News reported Delta lowered prices after consumers complained, and Jet Blue fulfilled its promise to keep tickets cheap for flights leaving Florida. Its remaining seats were reduced to between $99 and $159. At this point though, you may have a hard time finding any available flights out of South Florida on Jet Blue.


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