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Snake Bites Plano ISD Student At Adventure Camp

ANNA (CBSDFW.COM) - A snake bite in a classroom sounds unlikely.

But it happened to a Plano student while in an outdoor classroom in Northeast Collin County on Tuesday.

Emergency responders were called to the YMCA Collin County Adventure Camp where they transported a young Plano student who was bitten by a snake.

In a statement to CBS 11 News, a school district spokesperson says it happened when the unnamed student was "...stepping into a grassy area near the trails where students were walking. The type of snake has not been confirmed."

The statement goes on to say it's the first snakebite of a student on the 400 acre rural campgrounds between Anna and Westminster since it opened in 2006.

No one at the camp or with the district would reveal the student's condition.

John Roland is an emergency room physician who has treated snake bites.

He says even without anti-venom, snake bite victims can usually recover with prompt treatment.

"Surprisingly it's the older snakes that will often bite just to scare you away and may not inject any venom at all," says Roland.

The camp was funded by tax dollars and offers summer camps and outdoor education for schools and group retreats.

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