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Sides Clash Over Confederate Monuments In Dallas

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The debate over Confederate monuments has captured the attention of many, including a former Dallas city council member.

Supporters like Skylar Craig from Austin believe the Confederate monuments at Pioneer Park in Dallas should stay.

"It's a part of history. And even if it's a bad part of history, it's something you have to remember," said Craig.

Former Dallas city council member Sandra Crenshaw says the monuments are a link to her heritage.

"We found out that we are the children of the sons and daughters of the Confederacy," said Crenshaw.

Crenshaw says she's a part of a group that's opposed to removing the monuments. "I call the people out here fighting to remove statues... I call them cowards," she said.

Dallas historian Dr. Michael Philips was that Thursday's protest and disagrees with keeping the statues in place.

"I find Ms. Crenshaw's comments peculiar, particular after what happened to Charlottesville," said Dr. Philips. "The man who ran over the counter-demonstrators was shaped by this."

Dr. Philips wants the Confederate statues in Dallas removed and schools named after Confederate leaders renamed. He has collected over 120 signatures on a petition to the Dallas City Council and school board.

But Crenshaw says she's not giving up.

"We're calling to redirect the debate in a positive, democratic process. It took a law to put those statues up... let's go back and revisit those laws," said Crenshaw.

Crenshaw says she is planning to hold a prayer vigil Monday evening in a show of support for Charlottesville.

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