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Shoppers Back At Malls For Post-Christmas Sales

HURST (CBSDFW.COM) - Retailers are having an impressive holiday season. According to the latest numbers released by research firm ShopperTrak, shoppers are buying more televisions, clothing and video games – overall sales are up by 80 percent. And that trend continued even after Christmas was over, as shoppers filled mall parking lots on Sunday to take advantage of post-holiday deals.

CBS 11 News talked to shoppers at the Northeast Mall in Hurst on Sunday.

But according to retail analysts, the items that many shoppers are after will be sold out. "I ended up looking for some shoes that I wanted, and they still didn't have my size," said shopper Jessica Lee. She was hoping that someone would have returned a pair. "That's what I was depending on, but I was out of luck."

Those who are looking for great deals, however, should have no problems at the mall. Retailers showed off big signs with big numbers on Sunday, in an attempt to entice shoppers to indulge. "I got some really nice boots and it was 80 percent off, so that was good," said shopper Amanda Levin.

According to retail analysts, during this last week of 2010, strong sales are only expected to build upon the highest spending holiday season since 2007, which was a record-setting year. "You hear all this talk about the economy going down," said Matt Renfro, "but it seems like a lot of people are still buying all this stuff."

Indeed, some mall shoppers were surprised to see the large crowds. "I think a lot of people are in debt this season and going into next year. I don't think the economy is going to get very much better," said shopper Chad Perry. But that did not stop him from spending on Sunday. "It was worth it. Found some good deals on some shorts."

ShopperTrak said that holiday spending is on track for a three to four percent increase over last year, the biggest hike in four years. And one trend stood out this season. Fewer consumers used their credit cards, opting instead to pay with cash.

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