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'Shingle Mountain' In Dallas Appears Untouched After Court Ordered Company To Remove It

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - People who live next to "Shingle Mountain" in Dallas say, despite the city's effort to remove it, nothing is being done by the recycling company responsible for it.

In January 2018, Blue Star Recycling Company set up shop near Highway 310 and Choate Road. Then a mountain of recycled materials appeared, and it can be seen from the highway.

Two months ago the city issued a court order to remove it, but now with less a month left to do so, it appears untouched.

"This stuff that we're breathing in is hazardous," Marsha Jackson, who lives next to it, said. "It makes me mad and it seems like nobody is really pushing for anything to be done."

Jackson is concerned for her health, saying it weakens as she breathes in hazardous materials.

Last year, the City of Dallas filed a lawsuit seeking a temporary restraining order against Blue Star Recycling Company, alleging large scale dumping was causing risk to the environment. Then on April 3, a court order was issued. The company was told to stop accepting and grinding shingles, wood pallets and other waste materials and remove the material that's currently there within 90 days.

"Nothing is being done," Jackson said. "They have moved all their equipment, but they haven't tried to move any of this stuff."

CBS 11 reached out to the attorney who has been representing Blue Star Recycling to learn why, but it turns out he withdrew from the case last month. Court records show new attorneys were assigned to it, but they could not be reached for comment.

"How many times are they going to keep switching this over and nothing is being done?" Jackson said. "They just need to make a move:"

The city has told Blue Star to be ready for an inspection this Wednesday.

There is a status conference set for Friday to get an update on what progress has been made.


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