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Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Plano-Based Cheer Athletics Coach Jason McCartney

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A former family friend of Cheer Athletics coach Jason McCartney filed a lawsuit in Travis County on January 20, 2022 alleging she was abused by McCartney when she was a child.

Carrie Methvin's lawsuit is the latest of several filed against McCartney beginning in July 2021. She said the abuse took place when she was a young girl. McCartney is nine years older than her.

Methvin's lawsuit alleges that the abuse began when she and her single mother temporarily lived with the McCartney family. Methvin said she tried to communicate the abuse to McCartney's mother, but that she did nothing to stop or report it.

"It is incredibly difficult to come forward against people who were like family to me, but I can no longer remain silent when I have two daughters looking up to me and other survivors abused by the same person fighting for justice," said Methvin.

"My hope is that through this lawsuit, he is removed from any position in which he has access to minors, and he is brought to justice along with every adult who knew about it and failed to act on our behalf. I hope by coming forward, others will find the strength and courage to hold him accountable. I know now I am not the only one, and we deserve peace, closure, and justice after having to deal with this suffering."

Three other lawsuits were filed against McCartney and Cheer Athletics, one of the top cheer organizations in the country and the subject of the Netflix show Cheer. They were all filed by former athletes who allege that McCartney sexually abused them during practices.

"Carrie has bravely come forward with her story in the hopes that Jason McCartney will be held to account, and other children will not experience what she did," said Michelle Simpson Tuegel, who represents Methvin as well as Hannah and Jessica Gerlacher and two Jane Does in their litigation against McCartney and Cheer Athletics. "Her experience is further evidence that McCartney was a known predator that should have never been given unfettered access to young children for two decades."

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