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Second $1,200 Stimulus Check Still Possible This Year, But Chances Are Fading

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - It's the $1,200 question many Americans have.

Will there be a second federal stimulus check?

The proposed $908 billion relief plan, unveiled by a group of bipartisan lawmakers on Monday, Dec. 14, does not include a second round of direct payments to Americans.

However, several lawmakers have already come up with an amendment to be attached to the relief bill that would include a second $1,200 check.

President Trump has also said he wants to see direct payments to Americans. The White House proposed a $600 payment in its COVID-19 relief plan.

SMU economist Bud Weinstein said there is strong evidence that the first round of checks helped boost the economy.

He said a second round could do the same.

"The whole economy needs an infusion of cash right now," Weinstein said. "When you give money to people that does help the economy and more importantly it helps the personal finances of those households."

Critics say the another round of direct checks are too expensive and don't target those in need.

The proposed relief bill by lawmakers includes $300 billion for small businesses, an extra $300 weekly unemployment benefit, and $82 billion for schools.

If Congress does not include a stimulus check in this relief bill, Americans could still get a second stimulus check when the new administration and Congress take over in January.

However, in that scenario, Americans would likely not see another stimulus check until the spring.



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