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Old Stereotypes Persist As New "Dallas" Debuts

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Enthusiastic Dallasites gathered for a watch party Wednesday night inside Oak Cliff's historic Texas Theater to see if history could repeat itself. TNT's new version of the iconic TV show "Dallas" kicked off its first season.

The original show from the 1980s helped define the very city it was named after. For tourists such as Karl Bossert and Tom Hogeland of Florida, it's an image that persists to this very day.

"We thought we'd see a few cowboys roaming around the streets," said Bossert. Hogeland anticipated the same thing. "Cowboys and wide-open ranges," he added.

The original version of the show painted a tall tale of cowboy hats, big ranches and oil tycoons with Texas twangs. If you still don't believe that image hangs over the city, consider the phone call Amy Ramos of the Dallas Regional Chamber took.

The London Times called to ask if the new "Dallas" show would perpetuate stereotypes. Ramos was quick to respond. "We're excited about the press, but we're no longer oil men driving around in really large cars with cattle horns on the front of them," said Ramos.

Many locals consider Dallas a cosmopolitan city with an up-and-coming Arts District and home to plenty of Fortune 500 companies that have nothing to do with oil.

Dallas Film Commission Director Janis Burklund hopes this latest take on the legendary show will convince Hollywood to stop buying into the old legend. "Just the opening credit sequence alone is our money shot. The city looks gorgeous on television. It's going to show more and more the new Dallas," explained Burklund.

That depends on if the show sticks around. The reviews have been mixed, while Hollywood has been quick to cancel several other shows with Dallas-based themes, including "GCB" and "The Good Guys."

What did you think about the new show? Did you even watch it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Actress Linda Gray spoke with KRLD's Emily Trube about her renewed love of Dallas - the series and the town.

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