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The Royal Mint Has Created A New Solid Gold Debit Card That Costs $23K

UNITED KINGDOM (CBSDFW.COM/CNN) - If you are just flush with cash there's a new, shiny way to flash your money around. The Royal Mint, which makes U.K. bank coins, has produced a new solid-gold debit card.

The card doesn't come cheap -- prices start at around $23,000 or £18,750, but that doesn't include the cost for personalized designs on the front and back.

Anyone buying a card automatically becomes a Raris account-holder with Mastercard, with dedicated concierge services among other things.

A limited run of 50 gold cards will be produced with the same design, with a new design to be announced for cards made after.

Calling the card a "remarkable and valuable product," a Mastercard spokesman said it took several years to develop. Apparently it was a challenge to conform the card to payment systems, and like other metal cards, the new gold cards won't work with contactless technology.

The 18-carat cards will be made with source-traceable gold, meaning its provenance can be checked.

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