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'You See The Redemption & All They've Been Through': Remy Ma On VH1's 'My True Crime Story'

(CBS Local)-- Remy Ma has been a big name in music for decades and this week she showed fans her range as the host of the new VH1 series "My True Crime Story." The series, which premiered on August 2, features first person narratives about ordinary people getting caught up in extraordinary criminal activity and how they turned their lives around.

CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith recently caught up with Remy Ma to discuss what people can expect when they check out the new VH1 series, her personal journey from the Bronx, New York, working with musician Fat Joe and the best moments of her music career.

"There were a lot of parts that were interesting. The actual crime itself, what made them do it and some of them were really young, so their ages were mind-blowing," said Ma. "Some of the schemes and scams they came up with were borderline genius. Then at the end, you see the redemption part and all they've been through and how they are in a better place and how they were able to take this hardship and obstacle and turn it into something beautiful."

Each episode of the series will feature interviews with law enforcement, friends, family and archival footage from the past. Ma is the celebrity narrator for each episode and she hopes this series provides more context to each person's story and helps society move away from defining people by one moment in their life.

"I am literally still going through that. People take one part of your life that they think they know about you and most of the time they don't even have the facts or the details right," said Ma. "They judge you for the rest of your life, especially if you are a public figure. In these cases, they are not celebrities, but their cases were made really public and made headlines. What makes this show dope and different from other crime shows is that this is first person and you have the person who was involved in everything telling you themselves."

In addition to hosting this show, Ma is involved in a couple of different movies coming out soon and also has new music on the way. The musician is really proud of her journey in the entertainment space, especially given all the challenges she has overcome along the way.

"I have overcome so many challenges. I was about 12 years old and my house got raided in New York City because my parents were selling drugs. My parents got locked up and they were calling relatives to come get us, so that we wouldn't go in the system. I remember the police officer saying the grandmother lives in Castle Hills Projects in the Bronx. It was a joke and they were all laughing. That never left my mind and I remember it clear as day. I was a kid and I wasn't even a teenager. I wasn't supposed to be anything and then I make it. To be here talking to you and to be in the home I live in and to be able to send my daughter to daycare and school, I'm the .001% that this happens to. That was something about this show that made me want to be a part of it."

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