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Ones For Real Estate: Dallas Home Construction Permit Delays

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) — A major back up in construction permits at the City of Dallas has builders and city leaders alike frustrated with the slowed progress, especially because of the high demand for new homes and residential units in the city.

Phil Crone, the Executive Officer at the Dallas Builders Association said, "The permitting process in Dallas used to be really efficient really effective. So much so that unlike every other city you could get in and out with your permit pre-pandemic in a matter of hours."

He says these days it's taking several weeks, sometimes 2 months.

Crone added, "The situation is deteriorating again where it's taking 6-7- 8 weeks for applicant to get their jobs through."

Dallas Mayor Pro-Tem Chad West has also been involved in trying to address the backlog from within city ranks.

West said, "Shame on us if we as a city can't make it easy within code and within restrictions but make it as easy as possible to build these so that we can keep people from getting priced out of out city."

The consensus among builders and city leaders for the back log seems to be lack of employees, transitional leadership and a system that is fraught with errors within the Dallas permitting department.

In a statement to CBS 11 News, Dr. Eric Johnson the Chief of Economic Development & Neighborhood Services for Dallas said the issues are being worked through.

He said, "The City of Dallas is actively and thoughtfully taking immediate measures to clear hurdles stalling the permit process. Some of the changes include realigning staff, improving customer service outreach and communication and reimagining and innovating decades old processes."

Mayor Pro-Tem West says he is hoping the issues are addressed soon, because in the meantime Dallas is losing valuable projects, tax dollars, and residents to other North Texas municipalities.

He added, "At least there us a light at the end of the tunnel or I believe we need to take some action in the budget season."

Currently, city leadership is working to obtain a timeline as to when the backlog will be fixed and completely addressed.

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