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Rare Sunday Council Meeting In Arlington Set Over Fight About Term Limits

ARLINGTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - The Arlington City Council has scheduled an unusual Sunday night meeting, as the mayor and council members battle a citizen-led push for term limits.

According to a published agenda, the council is expected to suspend its own rules for passing an ordinance, so it can rush its own term limit proposal through in time to compete with one written by residents.

Battle Over Term Limits In Arlington Gets Physical

The move led to calls Friday for council members to resign, from residents who called the maneuver unethical and unprecedented.

"It is the definition of corruption and self-serving behavior by politicians," said Zack Maxwell, who helped organize the petition drive to let residents vote on how long officials can stay in office.

The rules changes and weekend meeting, come after a judge granted a temporary restraining order following the city's first attempt to push through an alternative term limit proposal.

No one on the city council responded Friday to requests for comment on the maneuver.

Petition For Arlington Term Limits To Be Turned In Monday

In a city meeting earlier in the week, Mayor Jeff Williams denied there was any corruption. He has previously explained he believes term limits would stifle positive economic development progress in the city.

The proposal from residents would limit the mayor and city council members to six years in office, and their current service time would count against that limit.

The council is pursuing giving voters a second proposal to vote on at the same time, giving officials up to nine years in office, and not counting current time. It would also let them pursue additional terms, after a one term break.

It was not immediately clear what would happen if both proposals were to make it on the ballot and pass.

The council is scheduled to meet Sunday at 7:00 p.m., then again Monday at 6:30 p.m.

Voters Likely To Get Decide On Term Limits In Arlington


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