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R.J. Choppy: Why I Hate The Red Sox

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1. "Red Sox Nation" wasn't even a phrase until 2003 when they got good again and competed with the rest of baseball for supremacy. It's a dumb phrase. They're not a nation. There's no such thing as a nation in sports. Raider Nation, Red Sox Nation. Its dumb.

2. Kevin Millar- This dude coined the phrase Cowboy Up and "idiots" to refer to the team. There was no phrase that annoyed the crap out of me more than Cowboy Up. What the hell does that mean? And to think people in Boston would even have a clue as to what Cowboy up means, makes it even worse.

3. Red Sox Hats take over. In 2003, the Red Sox hat was seen everywhere, by people who admittedly were not even Sox fans. They just wore the hat in solidarity to stop the streak, completely ignoring the fact that the Cubs streak was longer. And so was the White Sox. Everyone in America became a Red Sox fan around 2003 for no reason.

4. Manny being Manny- Has any team had their stupid antics get glossed over as funny more than this one? It was "funny" when Manny was a tool and cut off a ball in the OF. It was funny when he looked like a clown with his hair. It was funny when he got busted for PEDs the first time. Derek Lowe can crotch grab the A's dugout but its totally know...because he's a Red Sox.

5. Fenway Park- There is no singular structure on earth I hate more than that overrated dump. Seats are too small, they face the wrong direction, and the biggest lie in American sports history is the distance written on the walls. I remember hearing a story that an opposing broadcaster once went to pace off how far the wall was from 3B, and they were stopped by grounds crew halfway out. Its listed at 315, they said its no more than about 260.

6. Jason Varitek's C on his jersey. This isn't hockey, bro. You don't need to let the world know you're a captain. Michael Young was a captain, he didn't need to wear a C. Derek Jeter was the captain, he didn't need to wear a C. Why did you? And next time you fight a man, or whatever we should call A-Rod, take your mask off. Punk.

7. The David Ortiz Steroid Pass- No player in the history of the game has gotten a bigger pass over a failed PED test than David Ortiz, and nobody mentions it. It's as if it never happened. The guy is going to go the HOF as half a player and he failed a test. Barry Bonds never failed and won't sniff it. If that's not enough of a reason to hate...

8. The Grunge Trend. I give all credit to the hideous look of current day ballplayers to the Red Sox. They looked dirty. While their counterparts the Yankees looked too buttoned up and stiff, the Sox looked like they rolled out there in Board Shorts and Tank Tops. Dirty helmets, awful beards, and Terry Francona looking like he was chewing on a giant turd in his mouth.

9. Academic fans- Boston is a Parochial town. It's got a small town feel in a big city, and that's awesome. But the people in Boston are too smart intellectually to be real sports fans. The southies are...but the rest? One scroll through the Fenway crowd and you find more English Professors than Construction Workers.

10. The sellout streak. sold out a 34-38,000 seat stadium for a decade? Wow. Sounds tough. I drank water every day for 36 years. Give me a medal.

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