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Push To Make Cowboy Hat The Official State Hat Of Texas

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MCKINNEY (CBS 11 NEWS) - One Texas lawmaker's proposal to make the cowboy hat the official state hat is quickly building support.

Folks kicking off the annual Collin County Livestock Show have strong opinions about what kind of hatwear should get special legislative recognition.

As the next generation of cowboys and cowgirls prepare to compete for scholarships at the Livestock Show, the older generation is watching over to make sure they're learning the essentials.

"You never touch anybody else's hat. That's a fightin' offense. That'll get you hurt in a hurry," father Floyd Trammell said laughing. His daughter has a rabbit competing in the first day of the Livestock Show.

That and other things young people might not know are part of the reason for a proposed resolution in the Texas legislature making the cowboy hat the official hat of Texas.

Sage Gillis, 9, is one of the youngest supporters of the resolution. "Everybody can learn about how to wear a cowboy hat and stuff," Gillis said about why he supports the idea.

As a cultural symbol, the cowboy hat has certain rules. For example many insist a leather hat is definitely not a true cowboy hat.

"No, no, no, no," Trammell said at the idea, "Well, it's not real. That's what mountain men wear up in Colorado or some of those places in the mountains. When you're from Texas, you wear a felt hat in the winter time. You wear a straw hat in summer time."

And as for that rule about no touching of another person's hat...

Trammell explained it like this, "Well, it's a personal effect. It's like invading your private property. It's like being molested. It don't go for that. It's one of your pride and joys: your wife, your children, your horse, and your hat... and God, of course."

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