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Pre Game Playlist: Competitive Eater Matt Stonie Eats To The Beat

Professional eater Matt Stonie’s taste in music changes just as fast as his next focus of food in a competitive eating competition.

“My music taste kind of changes with the seasons,” Stonie said. “One moment I’m listening to the pop rock type of music, then I’m listening to alternative and then a moment where I’m listening to heavy metal. But probably my standby is alternative—that kind of genre.”

But Stonie ties his music to his craft, using music as a motivation.

“I like listening to Brand New—they’re kind of an alternative rock/emo type of band,” Stonie said. “I kind of have a mix of songs on my iPod that I do when I’m practicing at home or gearing up for a contest. It just reminds me, ‘you got to do this, got to push yourself hard.’”

Stonie likes guitar-centric bands, like Brand New. Why? He’s been playing guitar for quite some time.

“I’ve been playing guitar ever since I was walking,” Stonie said. “My grandparents bought me a little miniature guitar when I was a little kid, and they signed me and my brother up for lessons. “I’ve always loved that.”

While Stonie is focused on eating for now, he said he has hopes to pursue a career in music afterwards; saying being a musician would be a dream job of his. 

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