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Possible Dinosaur Tracks Discovered In Springtown

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SPRINGTOWN, Texas (CBS11) - "Its world history," dinosaur investigator Art Sahlstein said as he sat on a large rock in a Springtown, Texas creek bed.

"And we're so lucky to live in a place where it is just seeping out of the ground!"

Sahlstein has been digging up dinosaurs for 15 years after he discovered the Arlington Archosaur Site. He was called to Springtown when a hiker found a large, three-toed footprint.

He's seen dinosaur tracks before but said never anything like this.

"We have juveniles. We have sub-adults here. We have adults here," he said.

Dinosaur footprints everywhere, likely from the granddaddy of the T-Rex, Acrocanthosaurus.

"Common sense says that, heck, this is got to be some sort of family outing," Sahlstein theorized. "And there is no real rhyme or reason right now as to a direction. They weren't going any place. They were just hanging around down here. So I figure it's kind of like a disco party. They were all just tromping around in the mud 110 million years ago having some fun!"

Word of mouth already is drawing people to see them, like 21-year-old Chloe Walden.

"Amazing!" she exclaimed. "I've been looking for fossils on this part of the creek since I was this big. I've never found anything like this before. That's super cool!"

And if people are willing to trek to see the tracks, that has Springtown's mayor thinking these footprints from the past might be a step forward for tourism business.

"Yes,"' Mayor Tom Clayton said while nodding enthusiastically. "You can see my wheels turning. Yes sir! I'm always trying to market my city. Always. Absolutely. That would be very welcomed here."

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