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Some Political Signs Getting Confiscated Outside Polling Places

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - They are on many street corners and outside every polling place this time of year, but political signs have been getting confiscated, stolen and vandalized more than ever, according to veteran campaign workers in East Dallas.

There are rules, both written and unwritten, that determine where campaign signs can go as the City of Dallas showed when it seized several outside the Lochwood Library Wednesday.

campaign signs
campaign signs outside a Dallas polling place (CBS11)

The campaign signs outside this East Dallas polling place may not influence everyone but some voters like Bridgette Johunkin say it can make difference.

'It helps a lot to keep you focused on when I see the signs they put the name in my head 'OK yeah that's who I wanna vote for, who's that guy who's that lady'," said Johunkin.

Bryan Slaton, a staffer for Deanna Metzger's State House campaign, said he's well aware of the influence campaign signs can have and plots his locations like a battle commander.

campaign signs
campaign signs outside a Dallas polling place (CBS11)

"You should work hard get your signs out early be respectful of other signs that are there," said Slaton.

Slaton was upset to see a City of Dallas code enforcement officers Wednesday, seizing several signs that he was told violated size and right of way restrictions.

Democratic campaign worker Kristy Noble said, "How can you say one sign right next to another is in violation and the other signs aren't? I think that's wrong."

The sign war has gotten personal around a negative one about a Democratic State Representative that has repeatedly been covered by vote Democrat signs.

A City of Dallas email about the sign seizure says there were no political motives behind what happened outside the Lochwood Library, but it did not say what specific rules were violated.

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