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Police Say Iraqi Man Was Shot 'For No Apparent Reason'

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- He escaped a country in crisis only to be gunned down Dallas.

After more than a week of waiting police have made an arrest in the shooting death of Ahmed Al-Jumaili.

Police have arrested 17-years-old Nykerion Nealon for Al-Jamaili's murder.


Nealon is already facing drug and gun charges and DPD say he's the person in the surveillance video wearing a hat.

"He did place himself at the scene. He placed himself running away from the scene through the schoolyard," says Dallas Police Major Jeff Cotner.

March 4, Al-Jumaili, only in America for three weeks, enjoyed seeing his first snowfall with his wife and brother-in-law. They captured it all on a phone video recorder.

Police say Nealon and the others showed up minutes later.

"We don't believe he knew Al-Jumaili's ethnicity, but he did know he was in search of individuals who shot his girlfriend's apartment."

Police detailed the steps that led to Al-Jumaili's murder: that the 17-year-old searched for others who fired shots at his girlfriend's apartment that same night.

He allegedly shot Al-Jumaili for no apparent reason.

"When he saw Al-Jumaili and his family, he targeted them; he shot at them with intent, and tracked him and continued to fire," explains Major Cotner.

"It's part of a bigger issue, focus on our youth, this is a very young man."

The head of Dallas' American Islamic Relations said the Al Jumaili family now knows religion played no part here, but the wife of this murdered man says that's no comfort.

"He was such a great husband, such a great person," says Al-Jamaili wife, Zahraa Altaie.


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