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Police Officers In Texas Shut Down Highway To Mooove Cow Along

COLLIN COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) - Generally members of law enforcement working overnight are on the lookout for speeders and drunk drivers on the roadway, but some officers in North Texas came across another type of offender -- with hooves.

Members of the Allen and Plano Police Departments spent several hours trying to round up a wayward cow taking an early morning tour through the county.

Officers in Allen say the cow was first spotted near the City Service Center and then made it's way west toward Central Expressway. After jumping (not literally) the median the cow trotted along in the southbound lanes of U.S. Highway 75. As a result, the entire highway -- lanes, service roads and all -- were closed for the safety of the animal and drivers.

After making it's way to the west side of the city, the cow is said to have 'visited' several businesses before Collin County Sheriff's Office sent out an animal control officer. With a dart gun in tow the officer tried to stop the animal, but several darts just bounced off the cow. (One officer explained that cow skin is think.)

After several attempts animal control was able to tranquilize the cow and it came to a stop in front of an apartment complex on Benton Drive. Officers quickly set up a trailer and a pen, and safely got the cow inside.

After some investigation, police learned that the fence had been broken on some farmland on the southeast corner of Chaparral and Cloverhaven in Plano and that was how the cow made it's escape. After trying to contact the owner in vain, officers did what they could to repair the fence and prevent more bovines from going on a joy walk.


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