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Fort Worth Police Confirm Violent Arrest Started As Seizure Call

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - The Fort Worth Police Department confirmed Tuesday that a situation that ended with a violent arrest started as a call about a man having a seizure. Video of the Saturday arrest went viral, and has now sparked an internal investigation within the department.

In the 45-second video, a police officer is seen kneeling on a man's back and punching him while another police officer strikes the man with his knee. The video was posted to Facebook by the Next Generation Action Network, a group that rallies against police abuse. The man in the video was identified as Forrest Curry.

Fort Worth Arrest

Fort Worth Police released the body cam video on Tuesday.

Lawyers representing Curry said that he has a history of suffering from seizures, was suffering from seizures on Saturday, and continued to suffer from seizures during the altercation with officers. But police were not the first emergency responders who were called to the scene.

Emergency medical personnel were called to help Curry with his seizures on Saturday. But, when they arrived, authorities said that Curry attempted to assault the medical workers. That is when police officers were called to the scene, leading to the action that is seen in the video.

Police said that Curry seemed intoxicated and resisted arrest.

Attorneys said that Curry was ill, and his behavior was the result of his ongoing seizures. Curry is now visiting a neurologist.

"They don't have any proof that there was drunkenness, or any drugs involved," said attorney Jasmine Crockett. "Even if there was, it doesn't mean that he's given up all civil rights that he has."

"It's just sad that, in a medical emergency, [police] couldn't have been more patient or understanding," said attorney L. Chris Stewart.

Forrest Curry (photo credit: Fort Worth Police Dept.)

The Next Generation Action Network is calling for action, and has planned a protest for Tuesday night. However, officials with the Fort Worth Police Department have asked the public to remain patient until a complete investigation can be conducted, at which point the findings will be shared.

At last check, the two police officers involved in the arrest are still on the job.

Curry does have history with police. The 35-year-old man was on probation for resisting arrest following time in prison.

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