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Judge Rules Deion Will Pay Child Support

McKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) - A Collin County judge has ruled Deion Sanders will have to pay his estranged wife roughly $14,000 in child support and mortgage payments each month.

Pilar Sanders had presented an even larger child support request to the NFL Hall of Famer Tuesday in court.

The Former Dallas Cowboy openly laughed in the courtroom when Pilar Sanders estimated his net worth at $250,000,000, and asked the court for $24,000 a month in payments. Deion Sanders chuckled out loud in obvious disagreement that its that high.

Last week the pair squared off over protective orders and assault charges with the judge dismissing all of that. On Tuesday, Pilar Sanders submitted her $24,000 bill for expenses she says she and her three children will need each month from Deion.

Among the items on Pilar Sanders' $24,000 a month child support bill:

$2000 food/restaurants
$900 clothing
$450 personal care, haircuts
$500 school lunches
$750 child care
$500 cell phones
$1000 entertainment and events
$2000 children's lessons

Deion Sanders testified that he makes a million dollars a year from his job as an analyst for the NFL Network. But his 2010 tax return revealed he made nearly two million dollars.

He was coy when Pilar's attorneys questioned him about other possible sources of income saying he wasn't sure because a relative handles his finances.

Deion's attorneys confronted Pilar with her acting resume, which boasts a number of television and modeling work. The attorney questioned whether she was hiding income.

Deion accused his spouse of stealing six truck loads of property from their Prosper mansion, cleaning out cabinets and saying she took quote, "every towel and wash cloth I had."

The judge ordered 6 moving pods full of household items be returned to the 29,000 square foot Prosper home.

As far as child custody of the 3 Sanders kids, attorneys for both sides say it has been worked out through the summer but it was done in private and no details were released.

The judge also awarded $275,000 to Pilar's attorneys in legal fees.

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