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Pharmacist Saves Man Having Food Allergy

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(CBSNEWS) - An Illinois man has a local pharmacist to thank for thinking fast when he ran into her store experiencing an allergic reaction.

Mark Davey, 57, said he was having a meal when the symptoms hit.

"As I'm eating lunch, my tongue starts to swell up, and I think something really bad is about to happen," he told CBS Chicago's Dana Kozlov.

"I was scared. I thought, this is how I go," said Davey.

He had never experienced a food allergy before but as he began gasping for air, he knew he needed help. So, he drove himself to a nearby CVS for Benadryl, an over-the-counter allergy medicine, where pharmacist Bhavini Patel took one look at him and called the paramedics. Then she gave him an EpiPen shot, an injection of epinephrine, a synthetic version of adrenaline used to reverse the symptoms of a severe allergic reaction.


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