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Owner Reunites With Beloved Pet 4 Months After Alleged 'Dognapping'

NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) - Elated, excited, and ecstatic. Jerome Palomo says he's waited four months for this very moment - being reunited with Hoss, his beloved three year old English Bulldog.

"You know what, he is more than a member of the family. They truly are man's best friend, especially in my case. He's my everything right now."

Palomo said the last time he saw Hoss was in September, after dropping him off with a trusted dog sitter. Next thing he knew, the sitter and the dog were gone.

"It was just like a piece of you was missing," he remembered. "I didn't feel whole."

After tracking the dog sitter down, Palomo said she told him she sold Hoss because she needed the money. It turns out Hoss had been sold several times.

Palomo said police told him the alleged 'dognapping' was a civil matter.  Having nowhere to turn for help her felt helpless. "I never expected to see him again to be perfectly honest."

Jerome Palomo and his beloved bul dog Hoss were reunited January 9, 2014. (credit: Jerome Palomo)

Preparing for a battle he'd have to wage alone, Palomo didn't give up.  For months, he used the web and Facebook to track down Hoss. He shared his story with CBS 11 News on Wednesday, and it didn't take long before he received several leads.

The most important news was waiting for him when he woke up Thursday. "Funny enough, it was like Christmas morning. It was just there.  There was a big thing on my Facebook page saying oh my God this is your dog, please call me. So he realized he adopted him [Hoss] at the same time I reported him missing."

After such a bad experience with his dog sitter, Palomo says the man who unknowingly adopted Hoss, proved that it isn't such a dog-eat-dog world after all.  "He was excited for me to get there, he couldn't wait for me to get my dog back."

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