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Overcrowded Grand Prairie Shelter May Start Putting Down Animals

GRAND PRAIRIE (CBS 11 NEWS) - Summers are usually packed at Prairie Paws Adoption Center in Grand Prairie, but this summer is very overcrowded.

The shelter will have to put down dogs and cats to ease the overcrowding, if the animals aren't adopted.

Some kennels have up to three dogs in them, others have two dogs.

"The summer has been extremely hard on us for some reason," says Danielle Tate with Prairie Paws Adoption Center.  "They are coming faster than we can find homes for them."

Prairie Paws has about 30 animals too many in the shelter.

Tate is pleading for help, "They have to have their 3-day hold period.  If a dog has passed their 3 day hold, if we don't have the space, unfortunately we have to look at the other option."

The city is offering free adoptions for the larger dogs and older cats and half price adoptions for the younger animals.

"After seeing that I couldn't not do it," says Tammie Law from Irving. "I just can't. As soon as I seen it, I got up and threw something on and came over here."

The mother of four came to the shelter hoping to help after seeing a plea online.

She says she lost her beloved dog six years ago and wanted to introduce a new family pet to her kids.

The family left with not one dog, but three.

"I wish I could take them all home I wish I could take them all," says Johnny Law. "The car isn't big enough. I would have to make several trips."

On the shelter's Facebook page there is one post after another pleading for help as well.

One post about a black and tan Manchester Terrier named Sally, "I am on the EU list and must be out by 5 pm 8/6."

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