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Nothing Fowl About This Year's Chicken Tour De Coop

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Chicken coops ownership across America is growing and 72% of folks treat them as pets.  The 5th Annual McKinney Tour De Coop spotlights some deluxe hen homes.

"It's like a neighborhood garden tour, but just happen to have cool chickens and chicken coops" said Yvonne Evans of the McKinney Tour De Coup.

The tour will include a phone-app scavenger hunt, art for sale at each stop and a custom Chicken Coop raffle for charity.

"We had a contest for designers to design a custom chicken coop that Integrity Custom built, then we are raffling off as a charitable contribution" said Edward Carel of Integrity Custom.

(photo credit: McKinney Tour De Coop)

Many cities and municipalities are making it easy for folks to build custom chicken coops in their backyards.  It's fun and the eggs are the best you'll ever taste.

"This is the only animal that you can give them all this love and TLC and they produce something tangible, like an egg" Evans added.

JD Ryan is spreading his wings at the 5th Annual McKinney Tour De Coup...Around Town!

Details: McKinney Tour De Coop

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