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North Texas Recovery Group Helping Food Addicts

NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) - A sweet tooth is one thing, but for some people, sweets trigger unstoppable cravings. They call themselves food addicts.

"I would try to go to different places so people didn't recognize me or know what my routine was," explained a woman who, for the purposes of this story, calls herself "Lynne."

Lynne is a member of a North Texas recovery group called Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous.

A woman who calls herself "Mary" is also a member. She says eating non-stop made her feel drunk.

"I have a disease, an addiction to these foods that sets up an uncontrollable craving," she said. "When you're eating sugary foods you're addicted to those that are bad for us, like sweets or caffeine. It's like being drunk. Your brain isn't working. We call it a 'food fog.'"

Both women say they tried every diet out there. Both say nothing worked, until they found help with Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous.

Much like Alcoholics Anonymous, the program teaches key steps to recovery: abstinence from flour and sugar, sponsors for support, and weekly meetings to keep the addict on track.

"I get to be happy today. I get to feel that food doesn't control my life," added Lynne.

Lynn says she now eats simple, measured foods and follows no recipes. She gone from 402 to 135 pounds, a weight she's maintained for years. Mary once weighed 200 pounds. Today she hovers around 115. Both women say the program changed everything.

"This program taught me how to be a normal eater, which I never thought was possible before."

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous is holding a free public information session at the Parr Library in Plano, this Sunday at 2 p.m.

Small groups meet regularly throughout the Metroplex. Click here to find local times and locations of Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous meetings.

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