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North Texas Pediatrician Suspended After Months Of Bizarre Behavior

ROCKWALL, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - A North Texas pediatrician has been suspended from his practice for bizarre and dangerous acts detailed in documents from the Texas Medical Board.

After more than 20 years licensed in Texas, the board suspended Dr. Kurt Pflieger, after he showed up to work last week crying and wearing pajamas.  The breakdown ended months of illegal behavior according to the documents.

Dr. Kurt Pflieger
Dr. Kurt Pflieger (Rockwall Pediatrics)

The report from the Texas Medical Board said it started back in January with statements from co-workers at two locations where he practices.

In January, Dr. Pflieger was roughhousing with a 2-year-old according to the report.  He tried to throw him on his shoulder and missed, dropping the child to the ground, on his head.

Dr. Pflieger started acting very bizarre according to documents, praying aloud, yelling the word "Satan" during visits with patients, wearing the same sweatpants and shirt to work three days in a row.

He started bringing a dog into the office and rolling around with it in the hallways as patients and families walked through.  The report also says he started showing up late, missing appointments and arriving with slurred speech.

In a matter of weeks, he told a co-worker on one occasion he was late because he was having sex with his fiancee, slapped another co-worker on the rear, kissed another on the face, then called a staff meeting to announce he was now single.

At one point, the report states, he handed out prescription pads to the office staff to write them if they needed to, which is illegal.

"I'm glad that he's getting a mandatory break, for sure," said one mother, Leslie Cook, as she left the office Tuesday. "And being the mother of a baby that I love so much… I would want him to see a doctor that's well rested, happy and clear-headed."

The suspension is considered temporary.

Here is the temporary suspension order:

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