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North Texas Democrats, Republicans React To Joe Biden's Projected Presidential Win

(CBSDFW.COM) - Former Vice President Joe Biden is projected to become the next president of the United States, according to CBS News on Saturday. Now, some Democrats and Republicans in North Texas are reacting to the results.

"I'm happy that Joe Biden is going to be the next president of the United States," former Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings told CBS 11 News.

Rawlings endorsed Biden when he came to Dallas in May 2019, which was one month after he entered the Democratic primary.

"We are great when we come together. And I knew that Joe was a person that cared about other people. And when he spoke about fighting for the soul of America, that wasn't just an advertising line. That was something he believed in," Rawlings said.


"It was amazing. It was fantastic news to wake up to," Haley Taylor Schlitz said.

At 17, Schlitz was the youngest delegate to this year's Democratic National Convention from Tarrant County. She introduced Sen. Kamala Harris when she came to Grapevine in March 2019 as a presidential candidate.

Schlitz said she's excited that it appears Harris will become the first woman and first Black and Asian American to serve as vice president.

"I'm so excited for her. I'm so proud of her. It really is just like, my mom says that, if you see it, and you believe you can do it. That's really it when I see her even though like, you know, not a presidential candidate, the Vice President Elect. It's phenomenal," Schlitz said.

Democratic congressman Marc Veasey, who represents Texas' 33rd congressional district, believes Biden can unify the nation.

"He (Biden) understands that he needs to bring people together and that he needs for people to see him as a uniter," Veasey said.

Supports of President Donald Trump said they are waiting to see how his legal challenges progress.

"With all the work that was done all the prayers, the rallies, the calls, the block, walking, voter registration, lots of people worked very, very hard. And so it's very disappointing. But in the end, I know that prayers prevail and that God is in control," said Molly Maddux, a Trump supporter.

"Obviously disappointed in the national results. But for what we did in Collin County, I'm ecstatic of what we did for President Trump," said Brian Fletcher, a delegate to the Republican National Convention.

While the country is polarized, Fletcher said he ultimately hopes people can unite.

On Friday evening before being projected to win, Biden said he and Harris have a mandate to lead. Kimi King, a political science professor at the University of North Texas, said it's too early to say that.

"I think it will be difficult to talk about a mandate until we see that overall popular vote count, and to see how some of these different states ultimately shake out when they have finally concluded their votes. And then what the courts weigh in on," King said.

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