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North Texans Step Up To Help Veterans Cemetery That Fell Into Disrepair

GRAND PRAIRE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - North Texans are coming to the rescue of a veterans cemetery in Grand Prairie that we told you about Thursday night.

More than 90 mostly black veterans are buried there, but some graves have damaged headstones or none at all.

A lot of viewers were moved, concerned, even outraged by the condition of a cemetery where so many veterans are buried.

The Antioch Life Park Cemetery sits just across Mountain Creek Lake from DFW National Cemetery, run by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

For decades, Antioch was a final resting place for a number of black veterans who served all the way back to World War I and up to Vietnam.

As many as 90 are here with still more undocumented.

Some headstones have been damaged, covered up by grass or don't exist at all.

After we told you about it last night, the owner and the Grand Prairie president of the NAACP tell me that a new online fundraising campaign has restarted.

Angela Luckey says someone has already made a $500 donation.

"We have received more than 50 text messages and calls call from people that are really concerned about helping getting headstones for these veterans," Luckey said.

The NAACP says the only group not responding to calls for help are the elected officials, both state and federal.

People wanting information on how to help can go here.



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